Brulee Bomb Frozen Handmade #BantuTeman


Brulee Bomb handmade by deaf friend with autism from Enjely’s Kitchen. Ingredients of chicken, flour, milk, cheese mozarella, margarine.

Precious One support disabilities micro enterprise.

#BantuTeman is a program to support other disabilities product. Through this program, we encourage our internal production team to be concern with other people with disabilities.

Brulee bomb dibuat oleh teman tuli dari Enjely’s Kitchen. Bahan-bahan ayam, terigu, susu, keju mozarella, margarin.

Precious One – bantu UKM Disabilitas
#BantuTeman adalah program membantu menjual makanan karya disabilitas. Melalui program ini, kami mendorong tim produksi disabilitas di Precious One memiliki kepedulian mendukung karya sesama teman-teman disabilitas lainnya. 



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